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Crystal Swing Marchandise


Crystal Swing (Mary, Derek and Dervla) have been performing as a family band for over three years while Mary has been active in the industry for around eight years.

The band has recorded two very successful CDs: Sweet Dreams in 2007 and The Best Years Of Our Lives in 2009 and continue to go from success to success with their very popular brand of music.

Since their appearance on Rural TV's 'Hot Country' show in January, 2010, the band has become an international hit - their website and YouTube videos attracting over three quarters of a million hits, to date, from accross the globe, while Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites are all in animated discussion about the band.

When top US TV chat show host and American Idol judge, Ellen DeGeneres found them on the internet she liked them immediately. She blogged about the band and featured it on her St. Patrick's Day celebratory video on 17/3/2010 - link.

No doubt the pinnicale of Crystal Swing's success to date was their live appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show recorded in Hollywood on 8/4/2010 and which aired on 12/4/2010. After an interview with Ellen and a performance of 'He Drinks Tequila', Derek did his trademark Hucklebuck - moving through the audience and dancing with Ellen.