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NME Gold: Liam Gallagher


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Ürün kodu: NME07
Category: Magazine

NME Gold: Liam Gallagher

The first edition of NME GOLD, a new joint project from NME and Uncut, is dedicated to and edited by the iconic figure of LIAM GALLAGHER. An innovative meeting of old and new, each issue of NME GOLD is a curated trip through the extensive archives of NME.

Your guide on this first immersive journey is LIAM GALLAGHER, who introduces each feature article with his favourite artists – The Beatles, The Stone Roses, The Verve, Sex Pistols and many more - and reveals his own relationship with his heroes.

In collaboration with Liam, NME GOLD is nothing less than a printed mixtape of the historic music and legendary artists that have inspired him to become the musician and style icon he is today.

A substantial new interview with Liam brings his life in music right up to date, while extensive picture content finds him commenting on his most victorious moments and classic looks.

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