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Glastonbury 2015 Souvenir Issue


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Glastonbury 2015 Souvenir Issue

There it was – Glastonbury 2015. There were massive secret guests, global megastars, first-time headliners and even the Dalai Lama. Florence filled in for the Foos, Kanye made those petitionsigning finger-waggers eat their words, and The Libertines helicoptered in like indie’s answer to The A-Team.

Another surprise guest – the sun – made Pilton feel like paradise, and the party never stopped in the hedonistic fields of Block9, Arcadia and Shangri-La, where Slaves played on the brimstone-spewing Hell stage.

From the moment the gates opened at 8am on Wednesday, we were there to capture all the action, onstage and off. Within these pages, you’ll find the bands, the outfits, the madness, the freaks and the sunsets. If you’re lucky, you might even spot yourself. Until next year, then. Meet you by the ice cream van left of the mixing desk...

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