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Commemorative Issue


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Ürün kodu: NME149
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Commemorative Issue

Before we begin the next chapter in NME’s history, it’s important to celebrate the first. For 63 years we’ve been passionate, argumentative and obsessive about the music that matters most to you readers and us staff.

We were there when The Beatles exploded, saw first hand the birth of punk, turned Britpop into a national obsession and declared The White Stripes the saviours of rock’n’roll. We reported the news. We created the news. We were the news. If you’re worried that this is the bell tolling for NME, don’t be. Evolution and reinvention is what NME has always stood for, and it’s what NME will continue to stand for. And on September 18, when you pick up a copy of the new free NME magazine, celebrate with us, knowing that the future is very bright for this vital and intoxicating old rag.

Until then, enjoy this ‘best of’ special. We could never include every massive moment in our history, and we’re bound to have missed something out that meant something big to you personally (and duly pissed you off no doubt!) But then, isn’t that how it’s always been, and why you fell in love with NME in the first place? It’s always been about the debate. Long live NME.

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