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Size Guide

As we offer a global service many customers ask about product sizes, we have put together this size guide to help you in any enquiries you may have.

All sizes are listed as best possibly describes their dimensions, but please be aware that all measurements are still only approximations and can vary depending on the t-shirt brand used.

Below is a list of sizes that are used on our site and the closest possible measurements in UK & US sizes.

Tamanhos masculinos

UK polegadas centimetros
Pequeno 36-38" 92-98cm
Médio 38-40" 98-102cm
Grande 40-42" 102-108cm
Extra Grande 44-46" 112-118cm
XX Grande 46-48" 118-122cm
US polegadas centimetros
Pequeno 18-19" 46-49cm
Médio 19-20" 49-51cm
Grande 20-21" 51-54cm
Extra Grande 22-23" 56-59cm
XX Grande 23-24" 59-61cm

Tamanhos Femininos

UK   polegadas centimetros
Pequeno 8/10 32" 82cm
Médio 10/12 34" 88cm
Grande 12/14 36" 92cm
Extra Grande 14/16 38" 98cm
US   polegadas centimetros
Pequeno 4/6 16" 41cm
Médio 6/8 17" 44cm
Grande 8/10 18" 46cm
Extra Grande 10/12 19" 49cm

Tamanhos Infantis

  Idade polegadas centimetros
Infantil Pequeno 5-6 yrs 28" 71cm
Infantil Médio 7-8 yrs 32" 81cm
Infantil Grande 9-11 yrs 36" 92cm
Infantil XL 12-13 yrs 38" 98cm

Please note that women's shirts may be supplied either as a fitted shirt or as a youth sized shirt depending upon the supplier. Fitted shirts (also known as "skinny fit") will be shaped while youth sizes are cut in the same way as men's t-shirts but are shorter from neck to hem. If you would like to know which style your t-shirt will be please contact us at