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Scroobius Pip Poetry in (e)motion - Hardback Book

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Szczególy produktu Scroobius Pip - Poetry in (e)motion - Hardback Book

In 2008, Scroobius Pip one of the UK's most exciting up-and-coming hip-hop artists and a master of the spoken word lyric set out on a project to publish a book of his poetry drawn as comic strips by artists and fans he'd recruited from his MySpace page. His brief to each of the unknown artists was simple, each comic strip had to include every word of his poem's lyrics.

Poetry in (e)motion is the extraordinary result. A selection of new artwork inspired by street art, graffiti, tattoos and crime noir movies, this unique visual collection brings a whole new dimension to Scroobius Pip's singular lyrical stylings and draws heavily from his life, from his childhood musings in the school playground to his feelings on the rat race, to suicide and his own near death experience through drowning.