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Subway Godz (Banana Splatter)

Too Many Zooz

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Category: Vinyl

Subway Godz (Banana Splatter)

Each Vinyl is a different colour,

Track List:
1: Intro
2: Brasshouse Vol 7 No 68
3: Missy
4: Subway Gawdz
5: Warriors
6: FTG, Pt. 1
7: Kings Avenue (Feat. Corey Henry, Ben Ellman & Rob Mercurio)
8: Inward (feat. famey & enda story)
9: Havana Banana
10: FTG, Pt. 2 (feat. S'natra)
11: Brnx Bmbr
12: The Block (feat. Beats Antique)
13: Party Island
14: Talkin Bout (feat. Armani White)
15: Tricerahops

All tracks (excluding 4, 5, and 15) recorded at Platinum Sound Recording Studios in New York City, NY. Tracks 4, 5, and 15 recorded at Studio Trilogy in San Francisco, CA.

All tracks (excluding 4, 5, and 15) engineered by Serge Tsai at Platinum Sound Recording Studios. Tracks 4, 5, and 15 engineered by Willie Samuels at Studio Trilogy.

Mixed by Serge Tsai at Platinum Sound Recording Studios.

Mastered by Chris Gehringer at Sterling Sound in NYC.

Executive Producers: Matt Doe, The King of Sludge, Leo P, Brad Hakala

Special thanks to: Marcus Muirhead, Renee Muirhead, Kathleen Muirhead, Stephen Pellegrino, Mary Shea, Jerry Wonda, Oldman Ebro, Kevin Bernstein, Christal Jerez, Lacey D Love, and Kathrine Ringgold

From the King of Sludge: Thank you to all my friends and family

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