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The third edition of Q Legends, a series of special, one-off magazines dedicated to those who’ve earned legendary status in our opinion, celebrates Nirvana and Foo Fighters, two bands inextricably linked by Dave Grohl. Nirvana changed rock music forever in 1991, Smells Like Teen Spirit ushering in a new era that instantly fossilised the hair metal old guard.

The interviews with Kurt Cobain and his group reprinted in this issue document a band whose world was turned upside down over three short years. Rare photos, in-depth stories behind the songs and retrospective accounts reveal new, unheard tales. As Dave Grohl reveals in a series of extensive interviews from across Foo Fighters’ career, there’s always something new to pore over with Nirvana, stories that haven’t been told, songs that reveal new shades. Almost 30 years on from the release of their debut single, they feel as relevant as ever.

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