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Lunasa with RTE Orchestra enhanced CD


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Ταυτότητα προϊόντος: LUNSA12
Category: CD

Lunasa with RTE Orchestra enhanced CD

Enhanced CD includes a 4:46 film of Lunasa performing 'Morning Nightcap' - Filmed at the National Concert Hall, Dublin 19th June 2012.

1. C A S U 5:13
2. L E C K A N M O R 4:24
3. S P O I L T H E D A N C E 4:30
4. A N B U A C H A I L L I N B A N (with Scully's) 11:18
5. M O R N I N G N I G H T C A P 4:19
6. B R E T O N S E T (with Tro Breizh) 5:47
7. T H E M I N O R B E E 5:57
8. T H E L A S T P I N T 4:20
9. T H E M E R R Y S I S T E R S O F F A T E (with Dr Gilbert's) 5:44

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