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Dark Winter Backpack

Speech Development Records

Like the swimwear and leggings in the Dark Summer range I wanted to make sure we didn't JUST do the typical jumpers/new tee type options with the Dark Winter range so I had a good think about what items I need/use all the time and, just as importantly, I don't see many other bands doing as Merch.

Sticking to the slogan rather than overwhelming branding theme again it was great to get these bad boys put together.

Dark Winter images by Bea Dux Photography.

This Black Canvas Back-Pack has a white record company logo and a rubber stamp stitched onto the front pocket

Bag dimensions (flat) : 50x34cm / 19.5x13.5inch
Fully packed to a reasonable amount depth : 20m / 8inch
Front Pocket dimensions : 27x18cm / 10.5x7inch
Shoulder straps are 7cm / 2.75inch thick and 44cm / 17.5inch long

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