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Within Temptation Digital Comic Intl Translations Issue 1 - Digital

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Product Details for Within Temptation - Digital Comic Intl Translations Issue 1 - Digital

This is a digital version of The Unforgiving, Perdition + Penance: Part 1. The comic has been translated into 4 different languages, complete with the original full colour artwork, delivered to you as a digital PDF file. Please choose which language you require above.

Writer: Steven O’Connell
Artist: Romano Molenaar
Inks: Le Beau L. Underwood
Colors: Ada Zhu of Robekka Art Studio
Format: Digital PDF file


Within Temptation’s concept album is based on a comic book series, written by Steven O’Connell (BloodRayne & Dark 48). The characters and scenery are drawn by comic artist Romano Molenaar (Witchblade, Darkness and X-men). This comic book is the first edition of six and includes the already well-known prequel of the story.

A powerful medium, Mother Maiden recruits lost souls to be part of her wraith taskforce to fight evil in all its forms. What better way to hunt serial killers than to use killers? Their servants are culled from genuinely remorseful souls; ones who may not have been cold-blooded killers, but those who did in turn take a life and are deeply sorry for their sins. Guilt can be a powerful motivator…and redemption, even greater. They each carry a specific guilt about something they did in their lives. Mother Maiden offers them an opportunity to “make right what is wrong” by giving them missions and assignments to hunt down evil as a penance for their previous sins.


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