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Ramones Merchandise : Varsity Jackets


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The Ramones were a punk rock band, formed in Forest Hills, Queens, New York in January 1974, and recorded 14 studio albums and toured intensively before they split up in 1996. They led the New York punk movement and are often credited with forming the musical foundation of punk. The original band members all adopted Ramone as a surname although they were not actually brothers, later band members also adopted the name. Members The original band members were: * Joey Ramone (May 19, 1951 - April 15, 2001) (real name Jeffrey Hyman) (vocals) * Johnny Ramone (October 8, 1948 - September 15, 2004) (real name John Cummings) (guitar) * Dee Dee Ramone (September 18, 1952 - June 5, 2002) (real name Douglas Glenn Colvin) (bass guitar) (1974-1989) * Tommy Ramone (January 29, 1952) (real name Thomas Erdelyi) (drums) (1974-1978) Later band members: * Marky Ramone (July 15, 1956) (real name Marc Bell) (Later replaced Tommy and Elvis on drums) (1978-1983, 1987-1996) * Richie Ramone (August 11, 1957) (real name Richard Reinhardt) (Later replaced Marky on drums) (1983-1987) * Elvis Ramone (November 24, 1955) (real name Clem Burke) (Later replaced Richie on drums) (1987) * C.J. Ramone (October 8, 1965) (real name Christopher John Ward) (Later replaced Dee-Dee on bass) (1989-1996) An earlier member, Ritchie, left the band before the first recording (not related to the Richie Ramone, above).