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Raging Speedhorn is a British metal band founded in Corby, Northamptonshire. Although now the band is spread far and wide, as far as Cardiff and Stockholm, Sweden.

Speedhorn was formed in 1998 from the merging of the bands Soulcellar and Box. Through a 'frightening' stage presence and heavy re-working of riffs reminiscent of early Black Sabbath the band quickly established itself as a major presence within the UK's heavy metal scene.

Raging Speedhorn features two vocalists, a style largely inspired by UK hardcore legends Hard to Swallow, who happen to be present vocalists' (Bloody Kev) former band.

The band's first single "Thumper" (produced by industrial veteran Marc Heal) was released in 2000 to immediate critical acclaim. In 2001 they charted in the UK singles chart with "The Gush".

Since then the band have become internationally recognised and have worked with bands such as Biohazard and Ministry. Despite a number of recent line-up changes, including the replacement of frontman Frank Regan with Bloody Kev, the band are still very active and tour all over the world playing to a hardcore following of fans.

On previous Speedhorn recordings the music can be characterised by pounding basslines, heavily distorted riff-thick guitarwork and subject content generally (but certainly not exclusively) comprising of hedonism, drug-use, violence, antipathy for major band labels and depression.

On the latest album the sound finds itself moving away slightly from earlier recordings. The guitar sound is sharper, focusing more on a dischordant style rather than the Black Sabbath inspired riffs of earlier material. The album is maybe more in league with artists such as Breach and Neurosis. The vocal style of Bloody Kev is also a stark contrast to former vocalist Frank Regan, a diverse style which makes it easier to differentiate between the two vocalists.

Before The Sea Was Built is the first album the band have produced with old friend Larry Hibbitt, of Hundred Reasons. It will be released in September, 2007 through SPV Records.