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Oceansize Merchandise : audiophile-double-vinyl



Having toured with The Cooper Temple Clause, Cave In, People in Planes, Aereogramme, Mclusky, Biffy Clyro (on whose most recent 2007 tour Mike Vennart acted as a second live guitarist on selected songs), Porcupine Tree and Serafin, Oceansize stand out from the mainstream rock scene of Manchester, and a recent increase in popularity has seen them distributed internationally, with some claiming them to be one of the most prevalent modern progressive rock bands of late. Influences range from The Beach Boys and Black Sabbath to Can, Cardiacs, Jane's Addiction, The Verve, Swervedriver, Tool and Tortoise. Some have compared their sound to Pink Floyd, another strong influence, as well as Mogwai and My Bloody Valentine.

On December 4th 2005, the band issued a press release, stating that bassist Jon Ellis was leaving the band, but would still contribute musically. On 28th January 2006, the band's frontman Mike Vennart issued a short post on an Oceansize messageboard announcing Ellis' replacement, Steve Hodson, who was already a part of the Oceansize side-project Kong. He has been dubbed “New Steve”, referring to his first UK tour with the band (in support of the New Pin single) and the presence of Steve Durose.

Their song Meredith from the album Everyone Into Position was featured on the popular television drama The O.C., and Music For A Nurse from the same album became the soundtrack to an Orange advertising campaign entitled Fish during summer 2006. Music For A Nurse was also featured in the motion picture The Invisible (2007)

They recently embarked on a tour supporting Fightstar. They have only toured the U.S. once, in support of their 2003 CD Effloresce.

The band has not divulged the specifics of their latest record deal, but it is suspected to be one that will better support the band in terms of promotion and financial backing for international (e.g. U.S.) touring. Mike Vennart implied in a recent interview with a myspace user named "ThinkTank" that this record deal was contingent on the band writing two tracks "on order" for the company. These mp3s were released on the band's Myspace page around Christmas 2006 as a band-described gift to the fans. The two songs were "Red Rag to a Bear" and "Siberian Bullshit". In the posting of these mp3s, Vennart described these tracks as "warts an' all," and suggested that they would not show up on the new album.

Mixed by Chris Sheldon, their third album — entitled Frames — was released on 1st October 2007 by the Superball Music label. Prior to the release, a “brutally edited” version of the song "Unfamiliar" was placed on their MySpace page, along with a full version of "Trail of Fire".