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Imogen Heap Ellipse (2 Disc Immi's favourite Edition) - CD

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Product Details for Imogen Heap - Ellipse (2 Disc Immi's favourite Edition) - CD

2nd disc containing 13 instrumental versions of album tracks
28 page bound booklet printed on 100% sustainable paper

Deluxe two CD edition includes a bonus CD that contains instrumental versions of all 13 of the album's tracks. 2009 album from the British singer/songwriter and one-half of Frou Frou. With over 400,000 copies of her last album sold, Imogen Heap, singer-songwriter-producer and two time Grammy nominee, is back with her much anticipated new solo album Ellipse! Beginning in Hawaii and working her way through Fiji, Imogen has poured her heart and soul into writing and recording this masterpiece. The album was recorded in new studio which she built in her old family home in Essex, UK.

01. First Train Home
02. Wait It Out
03. Earth
04. Little Bird
05. Swoon
06. Tidal
07. Between Sheets
08. 2-1
09. Bad Body Double
10. Aha!
11. The Fire
12. Canvas
13. Half Life

Disc: 2

01. First Train Home (Instrumental Version)
02. Wait It Out (Instrumental Version)
03. Earth (Instrumental Version)
04. Little Bird (Instrumental Version)
05. Swoon (Instrumental Version)
06. Tidal (Instrumental Version)
07. Between Sheets (Instrumental Version)
08. 2-1 (Instrumental Version)
09. Bad Body Double (Instrumental Version)
10. Aha! (Instrumental Version)
11. The Fire (Instrumental Version)
12. Canvas (Instrumental Version)
13. Half Life (Instrumental Version)

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