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Everybody Was In The French Resistance...Now! Merchandise


Three albums in, the jokey concept of Art Brut is getting just a little tired, so news of an album from frontman Eddie Argos's other jokey concept group is welcomed. Everybody Was in the French Resistance...Now is made up of Argos and Dyan Valdes of L.A. rockers the Blood Arm, and their upcoming debut LP, Fixin' the Charts, is a collection of reactions to famous pop tunes.

So "Hey It's Jimmy Mack" (currently streaming on MySpace) answers Martha and the Vandellas' "Jimmy Mack", "G.I.R.L.F.R.E.N (You Know I've Got A)" is a response to Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend" and so on. The duo take on tracks by Bob Dylan, Kanye West, and Michael Jackson, too. Fixin' the Charts is out in January on Cooking Vinyl, according to Argos's blog.

Check out the tracklist below and see if you can figure out which tracks these guys are wittily rebuking.