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Bloodhound Gang Merchandise : audiophile-vinyl



From King of Prussia, PA, the Bloodhound Gang hit the alternative charts in 1996 with a blend of obnoxious sexual innuendo and unpolitically correct stoner wit reminiscent of the early Beastie Boys -- mixing punk rock with hip-hop much as the Beasties had done. Frontman Jimmy Pop Ali and Lupus produced the band's first release, the 1994 Dingleberry Haze EP. A year later, the duo was signed to Columbia for their debut album, Use Your Fingers. After it flopped and Columbia dropped their contract, Ali and Lupus added bassist Evil Jared, drummer Spanky G and DJ Q-Ball for second LP One Fierce Beer Coaster. The Bloodhound Gang released the album in mid-1996 on the tiny Republic label, but moved back to a major label (DGC) later that year, thanks to MTV and alternative-radio airplay of the single "Fire Water Burn." The oft-delayed Hooray for Boobies followed in early 2000, and Bloodhound Gang scored a huge hit with the moronically appealing "Bad Touch." Set to a peppy new romantic synth beat, the song featured the classic couplet "You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals/So let's do it like the do it on the Discovery Channel." Hooray for Boobies hit number 14 on the Billboard 200 and the band toured heavily to support it. They didn't return with new material until 2005 and the Hefty Fine LP.