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Balaclavas! You gotta love 'em! We do, so much so in fact that we said to ourselves 'dude, like why don't more people wear Balaclavas?' The reply to this rhetoric was that balaclavas (no matter how much you love 'em) tend to be a tad plain/stalkerish.

This lead to the notion that maybe, somewhere out there, are other like minded peoples also feeling this void…

The eureka moment was slightly interrupted by a molten coffee episode taking place in Daves crotch area, but regardless of his melting nether regions all agreed that the answer was simple. Make the balaclava beautiful again and get Dave to a hospital.

Combining our passion for covering our faces when doing motocross, paintball and food shopping with our obsession of pwning noobs, action movies and tactical espionage, Ballys was born. (cue heavenly lights and cherubic Koopa type beings with trumpets)

Thermal elasticated cotton and so face-hugging that even Ripley would quake in her boots, the Ballys range of designs are inspired by characters of game and film that we all know and love. So whether you're taking to the slopes, protecting yourself from the elements or making a cup of tea for your gran get your game face on!

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All Items are shipped first class and depending where you are in the world should be with you in around two weeks from dispatch, but please allow up to 28 days from placing your order. The products are shipped from the UK. We are sorry but we don't provide tracking.

The Ballys team are working around the clock to make sure you get your game face on as soon as possible!

We are always happy to hear feedback so drop us a line! If you want to be in the new Ballys gallery, please send pics of you, your friends, your pet goat Bally'ed up to: ballypics@googlemail.com

Thanks so much again for your support, interest, comments and big ups. Contact us direct at: ballywear@googlemail.com

We are fans doing it for the fans.

Team Bally