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About Us - Backstreet Intl Merchandise Ltd.

Welcome music lovers!

Here at Backstreet we offer a huge range of official merchandise, covering every major and some ludicrously obscure genres. From hardcore Norwegian death metal to US rap then twee Scottish Indie, it's bound to be here somewhere.

However, despite the breadth of merch on offer, we are not a massive corporation hell bent on world domination. In fact, the few people behind the website are mostly artists/musicians in their own right, band members, DJ's, music promoters, film makers and actors all help run the on-line shop, and that’s the way we like it. More of an artistic collective than a rigid workforce, it makes work much more fun and sparks collaborations and side projects - but mostly and more importantly, arguments and fist fights about music. Generally whoever has the loudest speakers wins...

We still manage to maintain a professional and dedicated attitude though and getting your merch to you is our number one priority. Being in business for 20 years (and a massive 8 years on-line) is testament to just that.

There's not too many of us, but every month we deal with nearly 10,000 orders and you as a customer are guaranteed that virtually 90% of orders will be satisfied after 28 days. Now that may seem quite a while but bear in mind that every item we sell comes from an approved and officially licensed supplier or distributor (if it's not an item we hold the license for ourselves), so sometimes we have to track down those rare items that only use the finest inks and are forged with mystical tools every thousand years - which may take a while, so please be patient.>

We regularly let you know the status of your order, and you can contact us at anytime with whatever questions may have - however bizarre.

Anyway, happy shopping music aficionados - and remember to turn the music up, it's the only way forward.