The Clash London Calling 30th Ann. Ed - Audiophile Double Vinyl

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Product Details for The Clash - London Calling 30th Ann. Ed - Audiophile Double Vinyl

Format : LP, 180 gram
Sleeve : 5mm

A1. London Calling (3:13)
A2. Brand New Cadillac (2:09)
A3. Jimmy Jazz (3:55)
A4. Hateful (2:47)
A5. Rudie Can't Fail (3:27)

B1. Spanish Bombs (3:18)
B2. The Right Profile (3:53)
B3. Lost In The Supermarket (3:47)
B4. Clampdown (3:50)
B5. The Guns Of Brixton (3:12)

C1. Wrong 'Em Boyo (3:10)
C2. Death Or Glory (3:55)
C3. Koka Kola (1:49)
C4. The Card Cheat (3:50)

D1. Lover's Rock (4:03)
D2. Four Horsemen (3:00)
D3. I'm Not Down (3:00)
D4. Revolution Rock (5:36)
D5. Train In Vain (3:11)

"London Calling" is the 3rd album by English punkrockers The Clash and was released on December 14th 1979. The album represented a change in The Clash's musical style and featured more diverse elements; Ska, pop, soul, rockabilly and reggae influences were more audible than on their previous albums. The cover is clearly a tribute to Elvis Presley's selftitled album sleeve, whereas the album's subject matters vary from unemployment, racial conflict, drug use and the responsibilities of adulthood. Recordings took only a couple of weeks time and most songs were cut in 2 or 3 takes.

The album received unanimously positive reviews and was ranked high in quite some All Time Greatest Albums listings (number 8 on Rolling Stone's list, number 4 on Q Magazine's list). "London Calling" was a top 10 album in the UK, and its title track was a top 20 single. In 2007, it was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame, for being a collection of recordings of lasting qualitative or historical significance.


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