Stocktons Wing Best of Irish Jigs, Reels & Song - CD

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Stocktons Wing - Crooked Rose

1 The Master's Daughter (Reels)
2 Some Fools Cry (Song)
3 Aaron's Key (Jigs)
4 When You Smiled (Song)
5 Angel (Song)
6 The Humours Of Clonmult (Slide / Jig / Reel)
7 Black Hill (Song)
8 The Prince's Feather (Reels)
9 Chasing Down A Rainbow (Song)
10 Catalina (Waltz)
11 Lonesome Road (Song)
12 Stars In The Morning East (Air)

Stocktons Wing - Take A Chance

1 My Darling Asleep, Sonny Brogans (Jigs)
2 Boys Of The Lough, Star of Munster (Reels)
3 Cameron Highlander's
4 Take A Chance
5 Bill Harte's, Going To The Well For Water (Jig & Slide)
6 Fiddler John
7 The Frost Is All Over, Queen Of The Rushes (Jigs)
8 The Post Man
9 Ten Thousand Miles
10 Austin Tierneys, Hughie Travers, Jenny's Chickens (Reels & Jigs)

Stocktons Wing

1 The Humours of Tulla : The Bucks of Oranmore (Reels)
2 The Maid Behind The Bar (Reel)
3 Padraig O'Keefe's (jig)
4 No Man's Land (Song)
5 The Green Gates: The Boy In The Gap (Reels)
6 The Drops of Brandy (Slip-Jig)
7 The Concert Reel: The high Road to Linton (Reels)
8 Pleasant and Delightful (Song)
9 Queen of the Fair (Jig)
10 Sonny Brogan's: Charlie Lennon's (Mazurkas)
11 Bold Donnelly (Song)
12 Lord McDonald's: The Wild Irishman (Reels)

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