Seamus Ennis The Best of Irish Piping (2CD) - CD

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CD 1
1 Two Reels : The Pure Drop; The Flax in Bloom
2 Slow Air : The Fairy Boy
3 Hornpipes : The Groves Hornpipe; Dwyer's Hornpipe
4 March : O'Sullivan the Great
5 Double Jigs : When Sick, Is it Tea You Want?, The Humours of Drinagh
6 Slow Air and Slip-Jig : By the River of Gems; The Rocky Road to Dublin
7 Two Single Jigs : Ask My Father; Pat Ward's Jig
8 Slow Air : Valencia Harbour
9 Hornpipes : The Standing Abbey; The Stack of Barley
10 Two Reels : The Leitrim Thrush; Miss Johnson
11 March : The Return From Fingal
12 Two Single Jigs : Chase Me, Charlie; The Dingle Regatta
13 Slow Air : White Connor's Daughter, Nora
14 Two Double Jigs : Slieve Russell; Sixpenny Money
15 Three Reels : Stay for Another While; I Have No Money, The Cushogue
16 Slow Air : The Brown Thorn
CD 2
1 Two Reels : Music at the Gate; The Pigeon on the Gate
2 Two double Jigs : The Blooming Meadows; Kitty's Rambles
3 Slow Air : Ned of the Hill
4 Two single Jigs : Smash the Windows; The Dark Girl in Blue
5 Two Hornpipes : The Derry Hornpipe; The Cuckoo's Nest
6 Song-tune : The Trip We Took Over the Mountain
7 Three Reels : The Merry Sisters; Music in the Forge; Castle Kelly
8 Hornpipe : Johnny Cope
9 Two Reels : The Rainy day; A Fair Wind
10 Descriptive Piping Piece : The Fox Chase
11 Two Reels : The Braes of Busby; Colonel Fraze
12 Slip-jig : The Kid On The Mountain

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