Free Fire And Water - Audiophile Vinyl

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Product Details for Free - Fire And Water - Audiophile Vinyl

Free was one of the British bands that pioneered Hard Rock. Despite a short life span they were a huge influence on bands such as Foreigner, thanks to their style of stripped-down British Blues.

Their follow up to Free, Fire And Water, peaked at #17 in the album charts, carried by the classic Rock anthem "All Right Now" - which peaked at #4 in Billboard's Hot 100 in 1970. Paul Kossoff's guitar playing and Paul Rodger's incredible voice made Free one of the best bands around.

-180 gram audiophile vinyl

Side 1
1. Fire And Water
2. Oh I Wept
3. Remember
4. Heavy Load

Side 2
1. Mr. Big
2. Don't Say You Love
3. All Right Now (Long Version)


This vinyl product is shipped from the UK in heavyweight protective card packaging

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