Bob Dylan The Basement Tapes - Audiophile Double Vinyl

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Product Details for Bob Dylan - The Basement Tapes - Audiophile Double Vinyl

After Dylan was injured in a motorcycle accident he concealed himself from the public's gaze for a long while to work with The Band at houses in and around Woodstock where he and members of The Band lived.

In that period of time they recorded more than 100 tracks together. And even though the songs were recorded in 1967, this official bootleg wasn't released until 1975.

Although some of the songs on The Basement Tapes are humorous, most of the songs dwell on nothingness, betrayal and a quest for salvation and they possess a rootsy quality that anticipates the Americana genre.'The Basement Tapes' reached #7 in the Billboard Top 200 charts.

- 180-gram audiophile vinyl
- Gatefold sleeve

A1 Odds And Ends
A2 Orange Juice Blues
A3 Million Dollar Bash
A4 Yazoo Street Scandal
A5 Goin' To Acapulco
A6 Katie' Been Gone

B1 Lo And Behold!
B2 Bessie Smith
B3 Clothes Line Saga
B4 Apple Suckling Tree
B5 Please, Mrs. Henry
B6 Tears Of Rage

C1 Too Much Of Nothing
C2 Yea! Heavy And A Bottle Of Bread
C3 Ain't No More Cane
C4 Crash on The Levee
C5 Ruben Remus
C6 Tiny Montgomery

D1 You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
D2 Don't Ya Tell Henry
D3 Nothing Was Delivered
D4 Open the Door, Homer
D5 Long Distance Oprater
D6 This Wheel's On Fire


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